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The round house

The round house, bioclimatic tree house - Michael Flach, Caroline Frenette engineers, Christophe Mégard architect.

Associative worksites

To participate in the upkeep or enhancement works to improve the landscape quality of Cantercel, to become aware of the perception of space, acquire basic techniques of using materials, to share, meet and create social bonds and conviviality : to make toge

L’Oreillette cottage

L'Oreillette cottage, first poégîte - Hervé Baley, Julia Morais Caldas, architects, Gaujard technologies engineers.

Simple housing

The refuge, a minimal housing for temporary accommodation, realized in educational self-construction - Alexandre Roemer, Philippe Rames, Etienne Arlriq, architects.

Wood and canvas

The handcraft workshop, made of wood and canvas with unused materials from the multi-purpose workshop - JP Campredon architect - O. Gaujard engineer.

Festival hall renovation

Renovation of an festival hall into a multi-culture hall - Julia Morais Caldas, JP Campredon architects


Eco-volunteer offers you a space to contribute to the life of the place, acquire new skills or refine a personal project.
Cantercel's architecture studio

Your project

Whether you wish to have a building or a self-construction, the Cantercel architectural office accompany you in the conception and realization of your project. Vous souhaitez construire ? Nous vous accompagnons dans la conception de votre projet A l’occasion d’une... Read More


Cantercel is in the heart of three major patrimonial sites: the Lac du Salagou, St Guilhem le désert and the Cirque de Navacelles. Three major French sites Near the Cirque de Navacelles; Saint Guilhem Le Désert and the Gorges de... Read More

Skylight for an artist’s workshop

Artist's loft fitted out in self-construction, leaning against a hill of the Cevennes at an altitude of 700m - JP Campredon architecte.

The place

Cantercel means “sing earth and space” or “sing earth and sky”. Linking uses and poetry A vocation of hospitality is anchored in the history and the situation of this traditional place of stopover for the transhumance of the herds. This... Read More

Wooden house

Self-building and commitment to ecology in the construction of a detached wooden house near the Lac du Salagou - JP Campredon architecte.
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