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The development project

Discover the development project of the Cantercel site, its facilities and equipment. Discover the project Cantercel has as its theme: to conceive and bring to life new ways of living and community living for a viable, livable and enviable earth.... Read More

The Sens Espace Europe Association

Participate in the design, construction and dissemination of an environmental and organic architecture of living spaces, concerned with the balance of nature and the well-being of people. Joining the association will allow you to: receive the programmes of activities, the... Read More

Our history

From the Sens Espace Workshop to Cantercel The Sens Espace Workshop In 1970 Jean Pierre Campredon discovered the organic architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright during the creation of the ‘Sens et Espace’ workshop unit run by Hervé Baley, teacher at... Read More

Our philosophy

Taking geography and landscape into account promotes harmony between the use of a building and its location on a piece of land. To conceive living space We do not live in walls but in the space between and beyond them.... Read More

Site survey at Millau

A consultation between technical services, elected officials and the association Sens Espace Europe - Speakers Odette Baumgartner JP Campredon

Site survey at Bossieu

Restoring a dialogue between inhabitants and buildings. Animation association De L'Aire, technical advice JP Campredon.

News from the development project

Cantercel will host new activities, preliminary studies are in progress, with the support of a LEADER programme: co-financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development, Europe invests in rural areas: our Pays Coeur d’Hérault.

2020 Summer academies

“Convergence of the Living in Architecture” from July 2 to 5. Conferences and workshops on different currents of organic architecture, their specificities, their convergences, their impact for the future: Steiner, Makovecz, Alto, Pietila, Gaudi, Wright… organized with IFMA France. Download... Read More


Cantercel offers you several accommodation formulas, from l’Oreillette, our first poégîte, to the nature experience village. L’Oreillette cottage L’Oreillette is our first poégîte to welcome you all year round in the heart of environmental architecture and eco-housing. You will feel... Read More

The Cantercel Summer Academies

LIVING is the central theme of these meetings, as well as the perception of housing, the living environment and the future of the places and landscapes that welcome humanity. In 2020 the focus will be on organic architectural trends. Reporté... Read More
Workshop ConstructLab juin 2020 1

ConstructLab Workshop

A collective cottage to come with ConstructLab. Creativity, usability, economy, ecology and recycling are at the heart of this group's concerns.
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