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Achievements at Cantercel

Discover here all the buildings built on the Cantercel site since its foundation.


Skylight horizon

The Horizon house, between intimacy and infinity: sensory well-being for a family home and a holiday cottage - JP Campredon architecte.

The round house

The round house, bioclimatic tree house - Michael Flach, Caroline Frenette engineers, Christophe Mégard architect.

L’Oreillette cottage

L'Oreillette cottage, first poégîte - Hervé Baley, Julia Morais Caldas, architects, Gaujard technologies engineers.

Simple housing

The refuge, a minimal housing for temporary accommodation, realized in educational self-construction - Alexandre Roemer, Philippe Rames, Etienne Arlriq, architects.

Wood and canvas

The handcraft workshop, made of wood and canvas with unused materials from the multi-purpose workshop - JP Campredon architect - O. Gaujard engineer.

Lightweight structures

A set of light structures combining light and transparency, created by the architects of the Sens Espace Europe association.

Textile and roof

The Cantercel workshop, a multi-purpose space, is characterised by its textile roof - JP Campredon architect, M. Flach, O. Gaujard engineers.

Landscape a sleeping box

The Conseil Général de l'Hérault asked for a temporary housing prototype and was carried out in partnership with the University of Innsbruck in Austria.
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