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Achievements of the architectural workshop

The most emblematic achievements of the Cantercel architectural workshop from 2000 to nowadays.

Cottages and guest houses - Public facilities - Self-build - Single-family houses - Site surveys

House in Paris

An inside-outside harmony for a house in Paris set in a small terrain with no horizon - JP Campredon, architect.

Farmhouse renovation

Renovation of an old farmhouse by enhancing the space, near Villefranche du Rouergue in Aveyron - JP Campredon architecte.

Straw barn renovation

Transformation of a former straw barn into a multi-purpose space for housing and tertiary activity - Jean-Pierre Campredon, Philippe Rames, architects.

Post office renovation

Transformation of a post office into housing and office at Fondamente in Aveyron - Julia Moras Caldas, JP Campredon, architects.

Shopping mall

A shopping mall built in metallic and wooden freestanding gantry structures at Montayral in Lot-et-Garonne - JP Campredon architecte.

Presbytery renovation

Transformation of a presbytery into communal housing at Fondamente in Aveyron - Massimo Serrao, JP Campredon, architects.

Energies of the place

Drawing a habitat from a place to bring out its energies: la maison du Caillou, housing and guest rooms - Jean-Pierre Campredon, architect.

Festival hall renovation

Renovation of an festival hall into a multi-culture hall - Julia Morais Caldas, JP Campredon architects

Skylight for an artist’s workshop

Artist's loft fitted out in self-construction, leaning against a hill of the Cevennes at an altitude of 700m - JP Campredon architecte.

Wooden house

Self-building and commitment to ecology in the construction of a detached wooden house near the Lac du Salagou - JP Campredon architecte.
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