Whether you wish to have a building or a self-construction, we accompany you in the conception and realization of your project.

Cantercel's architecture studio
Cantercel’s architecture studio

Do you wish to build?

We accompany you in the design of your project

During a visit, you can tell us about your ideas, your projects, we can explore with you their feasibility and accompany you in their development.

Are you looking for support in finding a place, a place to call “home”, a habitat that promotes your sensitive relationship with the environment? In Cantercel, you may encounter values that resemble you:

  • The place as part of the project.
  • Habitat as an environment that is conducive to growth and helps people to live.
  • The search for novelty.
  • Autonomy as independence rather than autarky.
  • Ecology as a practice of balance.
  • Health: physical, but also psychological and social.
  • Use as a balance between need and adaptation, and not only consumption…

We offer you tools that you can make your own

  • Discover the sensitive perception of space.
  • To deepen a search for coherence between place, programme and implementation.
  • To analyse the necessary project approach between an idea and its realisation .

Our aim is to share the results of the experiments carried out at Cantercel so that you can:

  • to live better: through an approach based on the atmosphere and sensory comfort of living spaces,
  • to build differently: the adequacy of materials and implementation optimizes use and performance with regard to sustainable development,
  • to adopt a conceptual and operational process that places place as the social driving force of the urban, peri-urban and rural development project for a new urban-rural pact.


We accompany you in the realisation of your home

At Cantercel, self-construction represents a founding experience, whether it be a school building site mixing professionals and novices, an educational building site, or simply to do alone or in pairs.

We were able to measure the distance, the time and the means to be gathered to link idea/drawing/realization, to evaluate the economy and the extra cost that this represents, the human, individual and collective adventure, the return of the effort and the modification of the way we look at our habitat.

By accompanying self-builders, we can provide them with these testimonials, guide them through the project process and highlight the key stages they will encounter.

From self-construction “off the ground” to self-finishing, it is important to take its measure.

Site survey

We study the terrain and evaluate the possibilities…

The Cantercel team also carries out pre-project site surveys for :

  • Choosing a location and building
  • Define urbanization options
  • Develop in rural or peri-urban areas
  • Understand the dynamics of a place and their influence on feelings

Our achievements

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Cantercel's architecture studio
Cantercel’s architecture studio
Cantercel's architecture studio
Cantercel’s architecture studio
House in Corsica by Hervé Bailey
House in Corsica by Hervé Bailey
Model of a green house
Model of a green house at Saint Vincent de Barbeyrargues