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Overhaul of the Workshop roof

Overhaul of the Atelier’s textile roof, 25 years after its construction… Leaks are solved! L’Atelier polyvalent souffrait de quelques fuites après 25 ans de bons et loyaux services. Une révision de sa toiture en toile s’imposait. Notre équipe de Jean-Pierres... Read More

Be an actor in your habitat

Provide a method to approach the housing project approach in relation to location, uses, materials and eco-techniques in order to help project leaders.

Build in light earth

Acquire a culture of architecture and light earth construction: adobe, banchée, moulded … Theoretical, practical, technical modules to develop the implementation by oneself.

House in Paris

An inside-outside harmony for a house in Paris set in a small terrain with no horizon - JP Campredon, architect.

Farmhouse renovation

Renovation of an old farmhouse by enhancing the space, near Villefranche du Rouergue in Aveyron - JP Campredon architecte.

Straw barn renovation

Transformation of a former straw barn into a multi-purpose space for housing and tertiary activity - Jean-Pierre Campredon, Philippe Rames, architects.

Post office renovation

Transformation of a post office into housing and office at Fondamente in Aveyron - Julia Moras Caldas, JP Campredon, architects.

Shopping mall

A shopping mall built in metallic and wooden freestanding gantry structures at Montayral in Lot-et-Garonne - JP Campredon architecte.

Presbytery renovation

Transformation of a presbytery into communal housing at Fondamente in Aveyron - Massimo Serrao, JP Campredon, architects.

Energies of the place

Drawing a habitat from a place to bring out its energies: la maison du Caillou, housing and guest rooms - Jean-Pierre Campredon, architect.

Skylight horizon

The Horizon house, between intimacy and infinity: sensory well-being for a family home and a holiday cottage - JP Campredon architecte.
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