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Architectural workshop

Achievements of the architectural workshop

Site survey at Millau

A consultation between technical services, elected officials and the association Sens Espace Europe - Speakers Odette Baumgartner JP Campredon

Site survey at Bossieu

Restoring a dialogue between inhabitants and buildings. Animation association De L'Aire, technical advice JP Campredon.

Cascading terraces

Deployment of a cascade of terraces along the basin of Arcachon - JP. Campredon, J. Morais Caldas architects

Green house

EcologicGreen self-finishing single-family house with a timber framing - Julia Morais Caldas, Jean-Pierre Campredon architectes.

Metallic structure

Single-family house with metallic structure, on a tiny terrain alongside a common wall, in the heart of an ancient village - JP Campredon architecte.

Rurality of tomorrow

We aimed to reach such an integration of the building in this impressive landscape so that if we removed it, it would be missing… JP Campredon architect.

A five-stars cottage in Aveyron

In the heart of Aveyron, in the Sorgue valley, a five-stars cottage, an example of modern rurality : Les Castels de Sorgue - JP Campredon architect.
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