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Participative worksites

Participative worksites take place at members of the association Sens Espace Europe, for determined periods and works that are of interest in relation to the purpose of the association.

Overhaul of the Workshop roof

Overhaul of the Atelier’s textile roof, 25 years after its construction… Leaks are solved! L’Atelier polyvalent souffrait de quelques fuites après 25 ans de bons et loyaux services. Une révision de sa toiture en toile s’imposait. Notre équipe de Jean-Pierres... Read More

Associative worksites

To participate in the upkeep or enhancement works to improve the landscape quality of Cantercel, to become aware of the perception of space, acquire basic techniques of using materials, to share, meet and create social bonds and conviviality : to make toge
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