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Become an actor of your environment

Provide a method to approach the housing project approach in relation to location, uses, materials and eco-techniques in order to help project leaders.

The Cantercel Summer Academies

LIVING is the central theme of these meetings, as well as the perception of housing, the living environment and the future of the places and landscapes that welcome humanity. In 2020 the focus will be on organic architectural trends. Convergence... Read More

Topoaesthesic sites survey

Aesthesic (sensorial) topo (location) sites survey is intended to identify habitability and bioclimatism of places and to produce sensitive maps. Décrypter la contenance d’un site, l’évolution possible d’un paysage, les lieux préférentiels d’implantation de bâtis pour un confort d’espace et... Read More

Adobe building

Construction in adobe or mud bricks is a sustainable investment that today meets many criteria : green housing, quality for health, sensitive...

Decorative earth coatings

Mastering raw and finished earth coatings technique, acquiring how to make basics indoor earth coating.
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