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Lecture “Astrology and the question of love”

Lecture by Sylvain Pech, astrologer, trainer and consultant for more than twenty years, Saturday 22nd August at 6pm.

Astrology aims to give us understanding of the why and how of our existential problems, in order to help us to reach, as much as possible, the happiness of being who we are. Throughout this journey, the question of love is omnipresent. It accompanies us there, sometimes as a watermark, sometimes in full light, which can eventually put us in all our states. This conference will explore what astrology allows us to understand about these states of mind, our basic capacity to love and be loved, but also the obstacles, both internal and external, that we are bound to encounter in our quest for love.

Free participation; a “Spanish Inn” meal composed of the dishes brought by each one will conclude the evening in a convivial way.

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