If you are looking for advice during your search for a site, a site where you will feel « at home, » a place that will enhance the sensitive relationship you have with the environment. You may find values that resemble yours at Cantercel :

  • The potential of place as project generator,
  • Habitat as a centre that offers support to life and allows it to flourish,
  • Research for the new,
  • Autonomy in the form of independence rather than self-sufficiency,
  • Ecology as a practice of balance,
  • Not only physical but mental and social health,
  • Use as adequateness between need and adaptation and not only consummation,

and tools that you can use :

  • To discover a sensitive perception of space,
  • To deepen your search for coherence between place, brief and construction,
  • To analyse the project steps required to manifest an idea.

Our aim is to share the results of experiments carried out at Cantercel that allow us to

  • Live better : through consideration of the atmosphere and sensorial comfort of living space
  • Construct differently : with material sufficiency and creations that optimise usage and performance via sustainable development
  • Form a new pact between town and country : to fulfill a conceptual and operational process that puts place as the social motor of a development project in rural and suburban areas.

Starting with a visit, you can speak to us of your ideas, your projects and we can explore their feasibility with you and accompany you to their fruition.
The living places created at Cantercel have all been the occasion of experiences :

  • establishing dialogue between outside and inside
  • involving self-building and knowledge transmission
  • using timber construction techniques
  • involving manipulation of synthetic materials : organic glass and technical textiles
  • evaluating where construction costs are flexible
  • validating use and comfort levels through consideration of seasonal variation and use over time.

The living places created outside Cantercel have also represented the experiences of :

  • exchanges and collaborative conception with their inhabitants,
  • the fruition of projects with particularly varied costs and administration concerns,
    cooperation with craftsmen teams willing to participate in an uncommon approach.


Self-building is a core experience at Cantercel, whether a training site combining professionals and novices, an educational site, or simply done by one or two. We have been able to measure, the distance, time and means required to achieve an idea/drawing/work, evaluate the economy and costs each represents, the individual and collective human adventure, the return in effort and the change in view that each presents on its environment.

By accompanying you as a self-builder we can share our insights with you, orientate you in this project method and explain the key steps that you will encounter.

From self-building “out of the ground” to hand finishing, it is important to measure the process.


The Cantercel team has also carried out within the charitable framework, preliminary site analysis studies to contribute to :

  • Determining a building site and location selection
  • Defining urbanisation options
  • Rural and suburban urban design
  • Understanding the dynamics of a place and its impact