To participate in the upkeep or enhancement works to improve the landscape quality of Cantercel, to become aware of the perception of space, acquire basic techniques of using materials, to share, meet and create social bonds and conviviality : to make together.

Garage Roof Finish : Carpentry structure, stretched canvas covering.
Demolition and restoration of material stores : timber and canvas
Undergrowth clearance and lightening – to guard against the invasion of Austrian Pines.

Jean Pierre Campredon : architect
Odette Baumgartner : architect
Laurent Gibergues : selfbuilder
Erwan Campredon : joiner

Charges to cover costs :
Association membership : 15€
Camping contribution : 5€/day or 60€/month – Cabin or refuge : 8€/day
Meals arranged freely by participants (in general shared costs)